Enough with the wind chill temperature

Wind ChillIts cold out there.  That is enough for me.  I do not have to hear from the weather person that it will be 42 degrees tomorrow but it will feel like 27 degrees.

It has now gone beyond the pale.  When I put on the local weather forecast on the news, it has gotten to a point that they do not even talk about the real temperature!  They now do the five-day forecast with the ‘real’ temperature on top and the wind chill on the bottom of the daily graphic.  To make things worse, the wind chill is highlighted over the real temperature.

This is nuts.  I am sorry.  Leave it to media sensationalism to report a ‘worse situation’ then what it really is.  Everything has to be more.  Everything needs to be dramatic.  Can I just get the freaking weather today?

The wind chill is a bunch of baloney just on its face.  Did ‘Joe or Brittany’ local weather reporters – who incidentally do not know much about the weather, they are simply reciting the National Weather Service with their ‘spin’ – ever think that there are so many other factors which goes into how one feels with the wind added on?

Hey ‘Joe or Brittany,’ do you think the feel of the temperature could be different based on being in sunshine, rather than in the shade or at night?  Nope.  What about buildings which create wind tunnels?  Nope.  How about the weight or height of the person experiencing this dreaded wind chill?  Nope again.

But why worry about these small details?  Why have the facts get in the way of good weather drama?  These wannabe actors are simply showing their ‘grade C acting skills’ by trying their wares on how I am supposed to feel.

How about the plain facts for once?    We are so trained to understand that tomorrow’s 34 degree day with 25 mph winds will make it feel like 3 degrees above zero! Oh no!  Help me!  What do I need to wear in a ‘virtual 3 degree’ day?

Here is one of the big problems with the wind chill.  What happens when it is really 3 degrees with bright sunshine and calm winds?  Are we ok thinking that last week seemed to be the same 3 degrees and we felt fine with the temperature?  Have we ever heard about frost bite?  There is no ‘virtual’ when it comes to the real 3 degrees.  That is just brutally cold…and truthful.

Try the real 3 degrees while driving on a road and the night before it rained at the real 34 degrees!  Are we supposed to think that the water will not turn to ice?  It didn’t yesterday when ‘Joe and Brittany’ – the weather pros – said it would feel like 3 degrees when it was raining?  You see, Joe and Brittany, water only freezes below the ‘real 32 degrees.’  When I get into a car crash and break my neck and spine, can I send you the bill for my permanent disability?

Oh wait…when does these ‘weather scholars’ stop reporting the wind chill temperature?  Is there a unified rule?  Let’s say I turn on WCBS News in New York and Joe says it is 50 degrees but Brittany on WNBC is still reporting wind chills of 31 degrees?  Now what?  I have competing broadcasters not on the same page as to when to halt the wind chill!  Now how should I dress?  I would normally wear a sweater with a light jacket with the real 50 degrees.  However, Brittany is saying it will feel like 31 degrees!  Do I need my down jacket? Oy veyzmir!

Now that I am done with this cathartic post, I just have one more question for Joe and Brittany. When it is 91 degrees outside in August, with winds of 22 mph, should I ‘feel’ like it is a delightful 72 degrees?  I need to know, Joe and Brittany, if I need to wear a thin t-shirt and bring a quart of water?

The answer please?

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  1. It is definitely a great job. One in which you could be wrong every day and still retain your job. I would also like to hear just the news, nothing but the news, without the constant bantering back and forth. If I wanted to be entertained, I would have put so etching else on. Let’s bring back John Cameron Swayze and Huntley and Brinkley.


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