I alwaS&A-0005ys had an insatiable curiosity as to why we do things in life.   Not accepting the conventional wisdom as a guide for how to live or act through life, I sought out a more nuanced look at issues, circumstances and human behavior.  Deeply rooted are my feelings of calling out hypocrisy and extreme views to make this world a more kind, understanding and peaceful place which we all must share.

In addition, I have always had this dry, and some might even say nauseating sense of humor, whereby I would take a subject and literally “milk” all it’s humor out of it.  Then, if the humor past my “dry test,” I would keep it in my humor archives with my closest friends and store it for decades for further use.  One might think that this can be construed as annoying and repetitive.  I respect that point of view.  However, some realizations in life have become so engrained in my psyche that it becomes part of my very being.

Having said that, I would like to share the reason why I came up with my blog site “Tentwelveinsights.”

One day, I was with my close childhood friend in Las Vegas.  We were sitting around a blackjack table and getting murdered.  We were getting so beat, feeling so downtrodden, that we were actually rooting for the dealer to give us a ten and then followed up by a 2 ( equals 12) for the first two cards.  We then, in a perverse way, politely asked for another 10 to go over 21 and bust.  Now this might seem very odd to the majority of people, but not to me and my friend.  We actually embraced the lunacy of our request (of course hoping that we would not bust, but if so, we could gain at least humor from that blackjack session).

From there, we then had a deeper conversation about 10-12.  We realized that everyone is saying 10-12 all the time and not even aware of it.

For example, if you are with someone you haven’t seen in a long time, you might say that it must be “around 10 to 12 years.”  If you stopped at a gas station and asked how far your destination might be, in all probability, if you are close, the attendant would say “around 10-12 miles.”  Never would he intimate “9-13 miles, 10-14 miles, or 8-11 miles.”  I think you get it now, or at least hope so!

The point is that the number 12 is the “ish” of 10.  So, people are saying this all the time, but unless you are ready and willing to accept this premise, put it in the front of your conscious brain, and be silly enough to find humor in this revelation, you would not notice it.  However, those that do will find endless insight and humor into how we communicate without even knowing what we are saying.

This blog is dedicated to insights into the human interactions of others and to inspire critical thinking in all things that should matter to most people…how we live with each other, how we respect each other, and most of all, how we can find a rational consensus that acts as a counterweight to the extreme and ideologically closed minded people who prevent the silent majority in having a world that is a better place.

Let’s not forget about the humor.  You will find it sprinkled in every now and then.

Scott 1012

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  1. Scott, I enjoyed a lovely afternoon reading your blog. They are so clever and informative with a wonderful wit. I will continue reading and enjoying.


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