The Art Of The Projection

Credit- The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon -Trump looking in the mirror

Credit- The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon -Trump looking in the mirror

In first year psychology study, students are taught the meaning of projection.  By definition, Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting.

This is very self-evident for people who are cognizant of this character trait.  It is often missed on first blush, but it is easy to spot when there is habitual occurrences.

Our President, Donald J. Trump, is a master at projection.  They are the arrows in his quiver he uses the most.  This it what it looks like:

Trump loses the popular vote.  He then turns it and claims, without a shred of evidence, that 3-5 million illegals voted, and of course all against him, thus causing him to lose the popularity contest.  This ‘mirror image’ ploy is not new.  So many people do it.  However, I have never seen anyone in a position like President who has used it for every counterattack he receives.

This is not called a counter punch…it is called a weak and transparent deflection for anyone who understands the human psyche.  In fact, it is not sophisticated at all. He is not playing three-dimensional chess, as many supporters are to believe. He is actually playing hop scotch.  A child’s game in its simplistic form.

Here are some classic examples of his use of projection:

  • He first loved the media and used them like puppets.  Now, that they media is doing thier job and keeping him accoutanble, he suddenly does not like the media attention he is getting.  He was helped by fake news to get elected, and then when the investigative media finds out the truth that he has been hiding, he calls them “the dishonest media.”
  • There is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the Russians interfered with our election, and mostly to benefit him and hurt Clinton.  There is no proof that it swung the election, but that is not the point. Trump is insecure.  He must always project winning.  He cannot tolerate being known as a possible illegitimate president, a fantasy made up only in his mind.  So, he denies at the beginning that there is no proof that the Russian’s infiltrated our democratic process.  Projection used again.  The results…dead wrong.
  • There is a justifiable investigation by Congress and the FBI about Russian interference.  Any normal patriotic American certainly would be upset if our enemy interfered in our democracy.  So, what does Trump do?  He makes a wild and unsubstantiated allegation that former President Obama, the person who he claimed was not American (and of course proven wrong again), personally authorized him being wiretapped, with the added insanity of determining that Obama is a “bad (sick) guy!” Now, this is the best projection I can illuminate. By the very fact that President Trump does not like an investigation into the Russian interference of our election –  yet not necessarily a direct investigation into possible collusion – he uses the ‘magic mirror’ to deflect it back to former President Obama that ‘he in fact’ ordered Trump to be wiretapped. This is of course not even possible if he stopped tweeting at 6am on a Saturday morning, picked up the phone, called the FBI and 30 minutes later would have had the answer.
  • He says derogatory things about Mexicans, women, and countries around the world – friend and foe.  He then states in the next breath that he loves all of them.  Can your head spin in a 360 motion without cracking the cervical vertebrae?
  • He is silent on not mentioning the Jews being massacred on Holocaust Memorial day.  Anyone who thinks that was just a brain fart, I have a tunnel to sell you in Brooklyn connecting to Queens (for non-New Yorkers…it does not exist).  Then, he comes out right away in his speech to a joint session of Congress and states that anti-Semitism is ugly and not acceptable.  The reaper giveth and then taketh away.
  • President Trump writes a hastily written travel ban so that “the bad dudes” won’t immediately get in the country.  Chaos erupts at airports around the world.  He claims falsely that only 109 people were “inconvenienced.”  U.S states take him to court.  He loses both times.  Of course, he is right and they are wrong, so he projects the court as illegitimate and discredits the judges rather than looking in the mirror and seeing the real fool.
Trump image in mirror

Trump image in mirror

I really feel for the Trump voter who truly wanted to change from the ‘Same Ole, Same Ole.’  I get it.  Both parties failed in many respects.  People were hurting.  The gap between the rich and the poor was widening and the American dream seemed like it would not return.

So, here comes the greatest salesman that might have ever lived…Donald J. Trump.  he tapped into the anger, but he projected he was for the working person.  Really?

During the scam ( I mean campaign), he flied into events on his gold-leafed interior private Boeing 757.  He went home at night to sleep on his 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets (a Hyatt would never be acceptable). Remarkably, for some reason he is able to convince the mostly white male population (not all of course) that he understands their plight.  Bingo….projection again! He has no idea how they live, yet he projects that he does.  The sad part is that people believed in him, and I might be wrong, but so far he has been an abject failure as President.  There is a reason why his poll numbers are at historic lows.  Oh wait, Trump now doesn’t believe these polls, the same polls he cited every week during his campaign when the numbers were strong for him!  Ok…lets spell it together now, P…..R…..O…..J…..E…..C…..T…..I…..O…..N!

Narcissists and sociopaths are dangerous.  They prey on the most vulnerable.  I do not blame the voters who wanted to believe in Trump to change their lives.  I just think they will be in for a rude awakening.

God help us all.


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