Well Golly…Mitt Romney promises to show a spine in Washington!

Mitt Romney - A Republican Patriot Mitt Romney – A Republican Patriot

Most objective observers, even the ones supporting our current president, realize that this country is fracturing before our eyes.  Any normal behavior we exhibited in the past is falling by the waist side. The sheer coward-like behavior of most current Republican polticians in Congress has put this beautiful country in jeopardy.  Sure, they might only be concerned with self-preservation, but at what cost?  Thinking short term against the backdrop of long term realities is a losing strategy.  The people of this great country will have their voices heard eventually, and this congress and this GOP party will pay a hefty price for decades to come.  Hate to say it…sad!

But just when the country thought they were losing hope, courageous and ethical Americans from corners we did not see approaching are starting to come to our rescue.  As Independents like me have no political power running the Federal Government right now, we need to find a course correction from one of the two dominating parties. Unfortunately, it has been left to the Democrats to save the day, and we know how that game normally ends.

While the Democrats do not have a coherent message to combat Trump’s overbearing dominance of political discourse, it is right now left to men and women of who possess profiles in courage.  The Republicans have asserted their power and frankly embarrassed themselves for being unspeakably quiet when President Trump does outrageous things.  They know  better, but they lack a spine, a backbone, to come out against some of the President’s worst instincts.

I do not consider it ‘courageous’ for departing Republicans from Congress to speak out now. Where were they when all the chips were on the line?  The only thing it shows is that an overwhelming amount of Republicans in Congress really do not like the way this president is running our country.  They might like many of his policies, but it is inescapable that they do not like the man.  Yes, it is better late than never for these Republicans to find their voice, but not worthy of any gold medals, let alone silver of bronze.

There is one courageous person who has said during his campaign to become the next United States Senator, filling long time ultra-conservative Oren Hatch’s Senate seat from Utah, that he will not be a “poodle” to Donald Trump and would speak out when he feels that the core values of America are being infringed by the rhetoric and actions of this president.  This person won the GOP primary yesterday with a whopping 73% of the Republicans in that state.  Now that is not an easy task by any measure.  What makes this a great case study in courage is that he went deep inside himself and rejected Trumpism, while at the same time educating his constituents that they are not ‘disloyal’ to oppose Trump when their ethical and moral decencies are being attacked.  To be frank, being loyal to any leader, despite when they are wrong, is wholeheartedly disloyal to their country and themselves.  Presidents come and go (thank god Trump does not have a say in that now), but our country continues.

Mitt Romney, a man who people mocked in the 2012 election as a “1950’s ‘Fathers Know Best’ old fashioned political figure” is now becoming quite attractive.  Here is the reason.  He is taking the best of our countries previous values, those that made us the greatest country in the world, while rejecting the bad values we had at a former time.  Now that is something we should all support, every American.

So, Mitt Romney has said that he is coming to Washington to try to restore its soul.  I say for all good minded conservative Republicans, Independents, and yes, Democrats to support a brave politician like Mitt.  He might have been a good president in another time (the headwinds with Obama and Trump made his message less appealing).  So, here comes Act 2, Scene 1 of what I hope will be a long-running hit show…”Mitt Romney comes to Washington.”

Today, that is something worth seeing.

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  1. Scott, I like this piece even though Romney has been kissing Trumps ass lately probably to get elected but who knows

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  2. You have a good point. But I have a gut feeling he was doing that to placate Trump until he could get in to the Senate, under the radar, and now have nothing to lose. He is beholden to no one. He is ultra rich. He won’t need to work with some corrupt lobbyists. Finally, he won’t need to worry about a re-election, if that is what he wants, for 6 years. I would be worried if I was trump. The dead giveaway was Trump’s clearly patronizing tweet congratulating him today. That means he is scared.


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