The rot of American decency

Credit: Samantha Sophia

Credit: Samantha Sophia

I have been taking time off writing my blogs while I start to launch my new YouTube Channel premiering early Fall 2017.  I have been focused on my ‘on air’ craft and the type of show I would like to produce. I want to find the truth in a crazy world.

And how appropriate that is right now.  I have been watching the decay of our country and cannot be too tepid anymore.  My love of this country and the decency of humanity is by far my primary goal.  I am a non-partisan as everyone who follows me knows.  I do not like Donald Trump but that has nothing to do with party. I vote both Republican and Democrat, but am proud to be independent so I can make up my own mind, not what the particular parties try to force feed me into believing.

I have learned in the Trump era that relativism is not important anymore.  We have chosen our sides, and if one side makes a mistake, no matter how egregious it is, the other side will negate it by pointing out the other’s mistake, notwithstanding the scope or harm of that mistake.

I have watched and spoken to the Trump voters with an open mind to understand their point of view.  What I have come to learn is that most of them, the 36% who are left but rock solid behind him, have put the worshiping of this man above what used to be rational observances and red lines that no one would ever cross.

We have now crossed those lines.

President Donald Trump IS a stain on America.  I will say it again for a sense of duty and country.  President Donald Trump IS a stain on America.  He represents everything ugly and indecent of the American people.  His lack of character, decency, truthfulness and competence has been in full view for the world to see.  The world has soundly rejected him.  We are now less respected by our allies than ever before.  In essence, we have reached our new low.

This is not a blog to get the remaining Trump loyalist to change.  Through facts and his own words, the loyal Trump supporter has willingly overlooked this for the sake of unconditional support.  They are entitled to their feelings and point of view.

I am appealing to the decency of the Republicans who I know mutter under their breath the disdain they have for him.  I understand their conflict that they can pass their agenda by him rubber stamping what they have wanted to pass in legislation for all these years.  But at what price?

Is it worth it to have tax breaks which may or may not help the economy (depending on your economic belief system) to prop up a person who lacks the character or competency to hold office?

Is it really worth it to hear on a daily basis lies that we have never yet seen before in our lifetime?

Is it worth it for him to dwell in the sewers of Calcutta, for all to join him there, and forget their moral compass?

Do we as a country want to lose our soul, our very greatness, to support a person who many people voted for, but yet they will not let go despite what they see and hear from his very own words?

For those who have children, are we that selfish that we can overlook a role model as a president should be, all for the sake of partisan politics?

What Trump said about Mika Brezinski, whether you like her political view or not, are beneath the office of the president. He has stained that office and may have caused irreparable harm.  Is this all worth it?

It is time to drop the partisanship and show bravery.  It is time to show that although you may have voted for him with good intentions, perhaps your choice was a mistake in hindsight.  There is no shame in admitting it for the sake of our country and our children.

I call on every decent person in America, whether Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Green Party members to come out with a full throat and strongly condemn his value system.

I implore you that we stop the hypocrisy of Ivanka and Milania Trump in saying they are a supporters of women’s rights and anti-bullying, yet they still defend Donald Trump.  Although it is a cliche, ‘Their silence is deafening.”

This is a pivotal moment.  History will look back and see a very dark time.  The choices we make right now, party be damned, will have a profound effect on where we go as a country.

So, ask yourself if party is more important than decency?  Is competency more important than a political agenda?    Does the truth and facts still matter to you?  Reach deep down in your souls and reject this President.

I, of course, was still waiting for him to pivot.  If he did, I would have been the first one to have applauded it because my country and my kids takes precedent.  So far, there is no reason to assume this will ever happen.  I gave him a chance, but time ran out and the verdict is in.

As the great leader of completely different Republican Party, President Abraham Lincoln said:

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

The only way for President Trump to stop his behavior is for his remaining base supporters to peel off and the GOP politicians to totally reject him as a capable president who represents any values of America.  Trump gets away with his indecency because he pays no price.  In  his world, words have no consequences.  So far, he has been correct.

The president says everything about us…We tolerate it.  We excuse it.  We rationalize it.

It is time for America to be great.  We have a very small and insecure man in a very big office.  Ask yourself if we deserve better than this?   Look into your daughter’s eyes and see if you want her to live in a Trump world.  Ask yourself, if you are raising boys, if this is the role model you want them to have as they turn to adolescence?

Trump might not have consequences….but we most certainly will.

This is my opinion and I say this not to be confrontational.  I say this because this issue is simply too important to stay quiet.

With respect to all.



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