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Memorial Day Weekend thoughts

Random rants about Memorial Day Weekend:


Wife putting a rose on her husband's tombstone

  • I do not think we should call it Memorial Day Weekend.  It is Memorial Day….Period!  Its soberness deserves that respect.

Memorial Day Barbecue

  • I get sad that people use this day to have barbecues.  What does that have to do with remembering our fallen soldiers?  I think it trivializes the holiday.  Maybe it would be more appropriate to have the barbecues on Sunday?

Memorial Day Sale

  • What is with the commercialism of this holiday?  Does every retailer need to exploit the deceased to make a buck on a sale?


  • We should change the holiday to a Wednesday in late April (still being a Federal holiday) so we can really focus and appreciate the meaning of this holiday without being associated with summer fun.  I don’t think April is a good ‘beach day’ in most of the United States, but it is normally nice enough to have outdoor festivities to honor our fallen.

Military draft

  • If we still had a military draft, do you think we would treat this holiday with such apathy by most of our citizenry?

United States Constitution

  • We would not have the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all our freedoms we enjoy if not for the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Astonishingly, some are complaining that it might rain and affect their bicycle ride.


I am done with my rant.  We are truly blessed for their ultimate service. I truly hope you had a reflective Memorial Day!  Our troops so deserve it.

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