The Trump phenomenom and what it says about us

quote-who-knows-himself-a-braggart-let-him-fear-this-for-it-will-come-to-pass-that-every-braggart-shall-william-shakespeare-370468I have to admit that prior to the debate tonight, I thought Donald Trump’s candidacy was an absolute marketing ploy.  Going into the first GOP debate tonight, he has a commanding lead in every poll, doubling his nearest rivals in the crowded field of 17.  That is impressive!  If there was a Vegas ‘futures bet’ offered up on his announcement, I would have sold short on Trump and would have lost a fortune.  Thank goodness the bookmakers only allow sports betting in Vegas!

Trump supporters are not all stupid, but

Trump supporters‘The Donald’ is a very clever person.  As much as he has no filter in public, he has the ability to be very consistent in his messaging approach.

Listen to his pattern.  He is asked a question, then immediately goes to the gutter with a personal attack, and then he talks about the particular subject matter with style over substance. He answers the question with a lack of any nuance, which people perceive as firm and decisive, but which is really evasive and amorphous.  His regurgitated lines are always “I am the greatest” or “this/he/she is the worst.”’  Finally, because of his mastery of manipulation and the innate gift of being able to tap into people’s fears and anger (some very legitimate), he garners this emotional collaboration with a segment of voters who are looking for change in the status quo.

Now these people, I submit, are divided into two groups.  One group are decent people who are angry at our politicians.  However, these smart people, in my humble opinion, are not voting for him but letting him be the spokesman for their rage.  I believe this group will ultimately reject his candidacy.  Then there is the other group that are both easily fooled, like the ones constantly trying to gently toss the tiny ring over an even tinier soda pop bottle hustled by a Carnival Barker to win a useless but eye appealing large stuffed animal.  They also foolishly want to believe in simple solutions without the need for putting in any effort and the unlikely possibility of success.  These people like to hear what is wrong about everyone else, as it makes them feel better about themselves.  This is no different from the success of reality shows that make us feel like we are actually smarter, more thoughtful and kinder than the other freaks on these shows.  Oh wait, isn’t this what Trump mastered in…Reality TV?  ‘The Donald’ is clever in business (primarily in marketing and building) but he does not have the knowledge or temperament to be Commander and Chief.

Ask yourself if you would want you children to be like Trump when they grow up

Do you want your kids to learn from Trump?

Do you want your kids to learn from Trump?

Good parents teach their children good values.  We want our kids to be respectful towards others, be thoughtful and kind, and make smart choices.  Can anyone say with a straight face that they would want their kids to be like Donald Trump?  Would you EVER allow your young kids with impressionable minds watch him in a television interview?  I pray the answer is a resounding ‘no’ or else our society in doomed for a future where bullying is accepted and endorsed, success is uniquely defined by the level of wealth one has, or by the showiness of the material things and people around them (his trophy wife, as an example, if we are to be brutally frank).  Donald is all about image.  It is exactly the wrong emphasis we want to teach our children.  He is all about wealth as a definition of himself.  There is no room for “losers’ in his world.  The problem is that he has no idea what REAL success is about and who is a true loser.

Success is not exclusively about wealth.  Sure, it is nice to have an abundance of money, but we all know that will not make anyone feel good about themselves by itself.  True success is about one’s character.  Do we really look up to the character of Donald Trump?  Would we be proud of our children if they ever dared act the way he does to others to define their image?  I think the answer to this question again is a big ‘no.’ Therefore, is this the type of person we want to represent our country?  Just because he is ‘successful’ in one area of a skill set, which for Donald is building and buying properties, does not factor in the remaining 80-90% of the rest of the pie that makes us who we should be.

We love that he shows such confidence, but he does it by the art of bragging.

Look what I have - this gorgeous marble!

Look what I have – this gorgeous marble!

Again, what if I told my customers that I am the best businessman in the world, and all my competitors were losers?  What if I constantly say that the tuna fish I sell is the best tuna fish in the world and the mayo is the best and the tomato that goes on it is the best?  Next, the person would ask me if there are ever bones in my tuna fish.  I would then say that there never is and never will be a bone.  And oh, by the way, my competitors tuna fish is filled with bones in every portion and you would be a fool to ever eat their tuna fish.

Would you be admiring this type of character trait or would you be suspicious of what they are really hiding. Over bragging is a direct result of major insecurity.  I find it amazing how a portion of our society does not recognize this trait.  Here is a ‘BREAKING NEWS ALERT’  for everyone out there: Donald Trump is very insecure!  Now, do we want a very insecure person being the leader of the free world?  I want a confident and more contemplative leader who makes people feel good by the tone and character of their words and actions.  The ‘blowhard braggart’ are not people we normally put in positions of leadership. Let’s not confuse a real estate mogul as a quality trait that transfers over to the traits of being President of the United States.

Ask yourself how the world would perceive us with a President Trump.  Would they laugh or take us seriously?  Remember, when one is President, they are not a CEO of a company.  They have to be careful with the words they use (Donald has no filter whatsoever), and they need to work with the Congress and foreign leaders to get ANYTHING done.  The people who are being attracted to Trump are probably overlooking this important point.  He will get nothing done if he acts the way he is doing now.  In fact, the world will not fear him (like he says they will) but rather ridicule him as representing the decline of the American greatness.

Some of us have lost our civility

Losing our civility - back to being Neanderthals?

Losing our civility – back to being Neanderthals?

I hear pundits on television say that we don’t want to become Europe, as if they have some sought of infectious disease that is just gross.  I think we can take a lesson from Europe, and for that matter, many other richly developed countries in the world in what class is all about.  With the advent of social media, instant gratification, and a wide disparity between the rich and the poor, we have lost much of the quiet heroism, class, dignity and manners of generations past.  Capitalism and competition are great ideas that America has excelled in, but at what cost?  Unbridled capitalism is the root of much evil.  The point is that we should be doing things in our lives that are not just self-centered.  If the definition of success is measured by winning at all cost, then America will lose its way.  We live on one earth, and although I believe that we are the greatest country in the world, we need to respect others as well for the contributions they have made.  Donald Trump’s view is, in economic parlance, a ‘zero-sum game.’   There must be pure winners at the total expense of the ultimate losers.  That life philosophy, as promulgated by Trump, is very damaging.  Great leaders show humility, grace, empathy, and respect for others.  Donald Trump does not personify what I, or the rest of the world would consider a leader to look up to.

We want a change and our anger is showing

Danger... Angry AmericanI will give Trump credit for exposing politicians for what they have mostly become…ineffective – bought by the rich and powerful – weasels.  The polling has proven this undeniable truth.  Congress has a favorable rating lower than dog turd and cockroaches.  So in a way, Americans both deserve Donald Trump for voting our present politicians into office all the time, but we also have deep, visceral feelings that is being amplified by Trump’s angry, divisive, and sometimes racist rhetoric.  We see the decline in America, and we want to lash out.  Voila!  Here comes the bombastic flame-thrower Donald Trump that has taken our mantle of frustration.  The problem is that he provides no substantive answers.

The bigger problem is that we do not seem to care as long as style, or the lack thereof, is the dominant driving force this time around.

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    • It all depends when the lesser candidates will start dropping out and where those votes gravitate. I really believe he is winning because his votes are split between 17 candidates. If you believe he has hit his ceiling, then things will change. However, the Republican electorate is mad at their own party and Trump facilitates that anger. However, I do not believe anger over policy will win at the end of the day and Trump has very iffy policies for many Republicans, once he starts announcing them.

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