Looking at the keyboard with a blank stare

keyboardI would like to write blog tonight.  So, I opened up my WordPress site and clicked “add new post.”

However, I have nothing to write about!  I am looking at the computer screen with that blank stare. A stare filled with nothingness. Just looking and looking and looking.  The more I look, the more dense I get.

Blogging is quite interesting.  It is a way of expressing a viewpoint that hopefully is unique and gives some value to the reader.  I always have something on my mind worth sharing that is relatively interesting.  But tonight…nothing.  Just a blank stare.

I wanted to share this with you to show that there are just some times a blogger has nothing worthy of writing once in a while, even though they want to write.  If it is forced, then it will probably suck.

So, I am here to let you know that I will not waste your valuable reading time with a blog that is lame. I already probably wasted an average of 52 seconds of your life reading this pitiful, shameful nothingness blog.  For that, I apologize.

Wait a minute!  Why should I apologize?  Haven’t I earned the right to have one lame blog that is as pathetic as this one?  I say yes!  So, I need to take back the apology.  I hope you can forgive me for going back on my word within this paragraph.

As I am now continuing to write, my fingers are getting a little more snappy.  Out of a blank stare with nothing to write, I am still writing!  Maybe, just maybe, as I continue to make excuses for this awful blog, I might just come up with a topic worth discussing.

I am verbally writing now.  I am actually talking to myself and asking if I can find something interesting in the deep recesses of my mind. Hmm……………………..



Nope. still nothing.  I really thought I was getting somewhere.  Perhaps I am just kicking the can and trying to buy time as I continue to move my fingers on the keyboard, as if somehow magic thoughts will flow out.  Not working very well.  You agree?

20 minutes later

This is MY 20 minutes and HOPEFULLY not Yours!   If you actually took the 20 minute break literally, and came back to this point in the blog, I will not apologize.  That is just embarrassing of you.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell even if you make a comment.  We good?

So, to conclude, I have nothing to share with you.  If you find this verbal salad interesting, then maybe I accidentally came up with a blog worthy of reading.  Ask yourself how many times you read something as feeble as this blog?  If you haven’t, then I did it!  I came up with a unique blog topic that must be a one of a kind, and I didn’t even try!  I started with nothing to say and ended with nothing to say, yet you are still reading this!

I think I just wrote a blog worthy of your time.  You either really like my ingenuity, or think I am temporarily insane.

I hope you got the underlining point of this blog (which I am just thinking about right now…literally).  Wait…….still thinking.  Give me a virtual second.  Ok, I am ready.  Thank you for waiting.  The point is that if I am real with my readers, I can feel comfortable writing something as woeful as this blog without the fear of judgement.  Unless of course you are judging me right now.

What I learned about this blog is that I am thankful that I normally have a lot to share, and it is ok to have an off night.

This quick tune sums up tonight:

Notice I am posting this blog on a late Saturday night?  The night with the least blog traffic?  The blank stares continues.

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  1. Hi Scott, I read your blog this morning before going food shopping to make Father’s Day dinner for my sons. I smiled all the while. And why? Because it was like watching an episode of Seinfeld. Always funny and enjoyable to watch, most of the time having no story or subject matter. And that was great. We need some down time. Not hearing about politics, or the world issues, or anything. Not they they are not important, but sometimes we need to enjoy some blogs about nothing.


  2. Scott, wasn’t one of the most successful television truly about nothing. So you did not waste my time. I watched a show about nothing for years and loved every minute of it.


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