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I produce, host, write, and create the content for my very own YouTube show, the Truth Factor with Scott Morrell. In addition, I am in film, television and theater as an actor. For over 25 years, I was a the founder, CEO and owner of Morrell Caterers, one of the most luxurious catering companies in the New York Metropolitan Area. My life's goal has always to make a positive and memorable impact on peoples lives.

I also have a passion for expressing my views regarding social musings, political irrationality, and the nuances of dry humor. My blog is meant to express a fair and unbiased look at life's issues.

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Memorial Day Weekend thoughts

Random rants about Memorial Day Weekend:   I do not think we should call it Memorial Day Weekend.  It is Memorial Day….Period!  Its soberness deserves that respect. I get sad that people use this day to have barbecues.  What does that have to do with remembering our fallen […]

Your the dash

The dash on our tombstone

How is today going for you?  You don’t know yet?  Ok.  Then how did yesterday go? I don’t want to get too far into the past.  That would not be a relevant question for the actions we need to do today, nor do I want to get too […]

Condemned heads on the stake

Bring back the Guillotine…Why not?

The Supreme Court listened to a lawsuit yesterday regarding the use of an alternate drug presently used in the cocktail-of-poisons injected into a condemned man’s arm in putting them to death.  The issue before the court was if this particular drug created ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ which is […]

Hanging out at cigar lounge watching sports


Take the world and mix it around.  Notice the people around you and see them differently. Although the title will not win me any points on Google’s search engine optimization, I feel it reflects best the point I would like to make. I was just in Omaha for […]

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