Trump the laughing stock of the USA must stop…The media and their complicency

Donald Trump mocks reporter with a disability

Donald Trump mocks reporter with a disability

America is great and always will be great, as long as we do not keep following the biggest fool on Earth….Donald Trump.

I ask myself how did we get to this place. A place where a racist, misogynistic, lying buffoon could be the center of attention in the most important acts Americans must do…elect the next President of the United Sates.  I am neither a Democrat nor Republican.  I am the ‘moderate sensible middle’ who is mostly unheard, yet part of  the overwhelming majority of the electorate.

I have a few smart friends that say they like Trump.  At first, my visceral reaction was to get angry and think low of them.  But then, I realized it is more important for me to understand the dynamics of why these people like him.

There are numerous reasons given for the attraction of Donald Trump. Because of our dysfunctional government, where both sides fight a zero sum game to have the ultimate power, there is no more bipartisanship.  Many of our legislators seem to be decent and honorable people, yet they can’t find the leadership within their parties to find compromise.  In addition to gerrymandering, these politicians, once in, stay in for long periods of time.  They answer to their very narrow group of people who share their one-dimensional values, thus not having the congressperson have any incentives to cross party lines.  The most important thing for a congressperson is to be re-elected.  So they pander and campaign, pander and campaign. Given congress’ dysfunction, a small sliver of the American public are willing to vote for anyone other than the career politician.  You wonder why there is a vacuum that needs to be filled…BUT FOR THE WORST PERSON POSSIBLE?

Unless Trump can somehow fool the latino community that he really loves them, after objectively insulting them, there is a mathematical impossibility that he can ever become President.  George Bush got 44% of the Latino vote.  Romney, who on a scale of 1 to 10 on what he said about Latinos was a one and he only got 27% of the Latino vote.  Unless the greatest marketing scam ever perpetrated by Trump with the Latinos work, he will undoubtedly get much fewer votes from the Latino electorate, guaranteeing mathematically that he has no chance to become President of the United States.  You can imagine why the GOP is frantic right now that Trump might get the nomination and virtually giving Hillary Clinton the presidency for up to 8 years!  If the Republicans vote for Trump to be their nominee, they will be doing it for all the wrong reasons.  The only way to make change, you must get the Presidency.  Trump will go down as the all time charlatan that fooled a lot of Americans.

Have you heard him speak?  Have you noticed he says nothing of substance?  He just wants you to “trust him” and he is the best person to do everything.

Just in the last couple of weeks, he said that he would “bomb the shit out of ISIS.”  Sounds macho, right?  Also, that is a war crime.  A nation cannot carpet bomb an entire area with innocent civilians amongst ISIS.  But why bother with those small details? He said today that he knows more about ISIS than the generals who are dealing with them.  In fact, he is so astute about complex military missions, he favors bombing innocent women and children as long as some ISIS fighter are dead as well.   Heck, to the Donald…Garbage in, garbage out.  One word….Scary.

He also said that Ben Carson, his new threat, has a pathological disease which is incurable because when he was a teenager he was violent.  If that was not ludicrous enough, he then compared Ben Carson’s “disease” to a child molester!  Not to let that one float away in his basket of crap, he then goes on to clearly impersonate a physically disabled person.  Now remember, your lying eyes don’t count because Donald says that was not at all what he was trying to do.  The character of that disabled person has more strength on his writing fingers than Trump will ever have in anything he does.  Nice Donald for taking the high road!

Trump made his the name with a group of primarily white angry blue-collar people that he is the king of immigration and his solution to this issue is to round-up 12 million illegal aliens and deport all of them.  Besides that this is a logistical impossibility, it is wholly un-American.  Picture the videos that would go viral around the world when his “deportation police” rounds up and tears apart illegal parents from their children.  Not to worry, Donald said he would do it humanely!  Is this American?  Forget about the morality of this issue, it is a logistic impossibility.

So, who is the most responsible for this fool to continue to say the most ridiculous things without really being challenged?  The media!

Ever since Megyn Kelley got abused and insulted by Donald Trump in the first Republican debate, the media has been incredibly weak in challenging almost all of Trump’s foolish statements and ‘policies.’  There are only two reasons why the media has been so timid.

The first is that they are actually afraid that they will be insulted by Trump.  Remember that he is the king of the counter punch?  Many reporters interviewing him are fearful that their name might be smeared.  How incredibly pathetic of the media.

The second reason is the most egregious of all.  The media wants Donald Trump to appear on their TV programs.  They know that he brings in incredible ratings.  So, the media is willing to not confront Trump’s insane comments and lies, all for the sake of ratings.  How shameful that the media has put ratings over integrity.

Any legitimate reporter can literally tear apart almost everything that Trump says.  If another candidate were to say even one of his laughable statements, the media would challenge that candidate vigorously.  Yet for Trump, they cower to him, give him all the free media anyone could ever ask for, and the result is that the media is complicit.

This side-show has to end.  America is a great country.  The reason is that we have a morality, compassion, humbleness, and bravery.  All these attributes do not apply to Trump.  He says he is a success.  Really?  Under whose definition?  I would say that Trump represents the worst of our great country.  He is one of the least successful people who I know because his definition of success solely based on the wealth he accumulated (and given) is the wrong measurement.

A successful person is one who is kind to others, has humility, has the ability to admit a mistake, and is a role model for all of us.

So ask yourself something.  Would you ever want your child to look up to Donald Trump and embrace his message?  Speaking for myself, I would shield my children from everything he stands for.

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